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Style Arc Anita Peasant Blouse

So as I began my Ready-to-wear fast last week, I wanted to make something quick, easy and stylish. This Anita Peasant Blouse pattern seemed to be the ticket.  Style Arc is a very fun, stylish pattern company in Australia.  Every month they include a free pattern with your order and this was the free pattern a few months ago.  Like any good seamstress, I checked my measly stash of fabric first…..

Of course there was not a single piece of fabric that would work, so off I went to my most favorite fabric store in the world (which sadly is shutting its doors next month) to see what I could find.

Once there, I spent about an hour or so, assembling a nice stack of fabric, because as you can see in the above photo…I do not have enough!    This lovely black silk  by Oscar de la Renta kept telling me it would be perfect made up in the Peasant Blouse.

Isn’t it lovely?  So lovely, that I needed to buy more fabric to try this pattern out before I committed this beautiful piece of fabric to said pattern.  So I found this really nice brown Batik and sewed up the blouse.

The pattern sews up pretty fast and is well drafted.  I made a size 12.  You can’t tell from this photo, but the blouse is very long on me and should be shortened about 2 inches.  I also took in 3″ at the waist to try to make it a little more shapely.

(Meet my girl Kate. She is 5 months old)

The shirt is comfortable and stylish, but I don’t know if the style is for me.  I have to wear it tucked in as it is not very flattering on me when worn untucked.  It is also very long on me.  Here it is on Sophia.  I added to wooden beads to the tie ends.

I don’t know if I will make this pattern again.  If I do I will shorten it by a couple of inches at least.  I think I will hold off on the black silk.  I just don’t love the pattern enough on me.


7 thoughts on “Style Arc Anita Peasant Blouse

    1. Thanks Sarah! I think I might have judged the finished product too quickly. I wore it untucked and belted last Sunday and my husband who is an honest critic told me it looked good. So, the lovely black silk might actually get made up as a peasant top after all.

  1. Hey I think that blouse would look great on my mom. Looks kinda like her style.

    For Rhett’s research paper on “Velvet” he needs to research some blogs. So cool I told him about your new blog. He wanted to know if you are making your own shoes too (those boots a very stylish). I told him I did not think so. He said he wasn’t that impressed then 🙂 Sandi

    1. Sandi, I have always thought that your mom has a good fashion sense, so I will take that as a complement. Tell Rhett I am not making shoes, purses or undergarments:)

  2. I like the peasant top style, but like you I often feel like they don’t flatter my shape well. I don’t like to wear long tops belted either as I feel like it accentuates some of my less than perfect areas 😀 I’ve been playing with the idea of making a blouse in this style and adding in some vertical darts to shape the waist.

    1. The black silk is on the cutting table now. I have taken the side seams in on the pattern and I plan to add a ruffle to the sleave. Vertical darts are an interesting idea.

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