Now we return you to your regular programing

It’s done!  Finally.  When I started this table runner in June, I was so smug proud of myself for starting a Christmas item 6 months ahead of Christmas.  I figured that it would be done and waiting to be put on the table for Christmas by July.  This table runner was the project for my American Sewing Guild (ASG) all day retreat the first Saturday in June.  A great day of friends, sewing and eating.  Have you joined an ASG chapter?  If not, I encourage you to check ASG out.  There are chapters all over the country.  I look forward to our monthly meetings very much.  Anyway, back to the table runner.  Here is the pattern.  It is not as hard as it looks and it was lots of fun to look at all of the different fabric combinations my ASG sisters came up with.  I went with Christmas cowboy boots.

Well, after that fun day in June, I worked on this one more time and then, there it sat in my sewing room…..mocking me.  I was determined to get this on my table for Christmas, so all other sewing was stopped to get this baby done.  And here it is.

Let the garment sewing resume!  My black silk peasant top is waiting….

Any garment sewing getting done by you all or is it all Christmas, all the time?


11 thoughts on “Now we return you to your regular programing

      1. Thanks Suzy. I hope to get the top done this weekend! Just need to look up hong kong seam finishes so I can apply one to the neck casing.

    1. Thanks Sarah, quilting is not my something that comes easy for me. Quilt stores overwhelm me just like yarn stores. Now fabric stores with garment fabric not so much 🙂

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