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A stretch denim should work, right?

As I mentioned in my last post, my niece Rachel is getting married January 12th, so that means I need a new outfit right? I am also the photographer, so I need an outfit I can move up, down and all around in. After looking through my pattern stash, this Vogue 8837 skirt caught my eye for its simple lines.

I have some great suede like knit that has been aging in my stash for a while that I think will work up great in it. But, I really wanted to work my way through the pattern first before I put scissors to said fabric. I found this stretch denim in my stash. It should work, right?

Due to the fussy nature of the flocked print, I decided to cut the front and back on the fold to eliminate the center seam.  I also thought that it would give me a little more side seam allowance, 5/8″ on each side to be exact.  The skirt sizing is small, medium, large. I cut out a medium. The skirt construction is fairly straightforward.  One of the things I really like about the skirt is that the first thing you do is hem the front and back panels.  Raise your hand if you like to hem first, because how long does something hang out in your sewing room just waiting for a hem?  I know, right?  Or is that just me?  Anyway, back to my test skirt.  The elastic application in this skirt is pretty cool too, and something I have not done before.   I don’t even think I can explain it, but basically you stitch the elastic to the top of the yoke facing and then stitch through all thicknesses for a faux casing.  Pretty slick….except the elastic I used is older than dirt…no really, I am pretty sure dirt was here first.  I cut the elastic to the correct comfortable length for my waist and stitched it into the waist yoke.  When I tried it on, it fit nicely.  Yay, done!   Wait, not so fast, each time I tried the skirt on and moved around in it, the elastic began to fail.  So by the time I got all dressed up to take a picture, the skirt was hanging off my hips.  I “fixed” it by stitching some clear elastic on the inside of the waist faux casing, but it is not really as snug as I would like it.  The photo above doesn’t show the clothes pin at the back of the skirt keeping it on my dress form.  Anyway, it still looks good with my new black silk top that I wrote about here.

I plan on working it up in the stretch knit that I have, but this time I will use newer elastic. I will let you know how it goes.


22 thoughts on “A stretch denim should work, right?

    1. Thanks. I picked it up for JoAnns of all places several years ago. The black flowers are velveteen. I think I was going to make a pair of jeans with it initially. 🙂

  1. I love that skirt and the whole look of the black shirt on top! The skirt fabric is stunning – hope you can unpick the dead elastic and replace it so it’s back to the way it SHOULD look! Good luck (and don’t leave it aside forever. If you’re anything like me, you’ll put it in the “to do” pile and never look at it again) 😦

    1. Thanks Carola! I am still thinking about how to fix it. If it goes in my dreaded “to do” pile, I won’t get back to it until next year.

      1. Just noticed your list of other RAW Fasters – what a lovely touch! Must look at it on the computer and see how i can add one to my blog too. Thank you

  2. Stunning skirt and a wonderful fabric. Like the others, I hope you can make the elastic work – how frustrating for you. I think it should work for your wedding photog duties just fine! g

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