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The Rock of Ages Skirt

It is the year of turning 50 for me and two of my best friends.  Last weekend we met up at Sandi’s in Springfield, Oregon for a long weekend. This long weekend included a night out for dinner and the Broadway play Rock of Ages. Of course, without even checking my closet I knew I didn’t have a thing to wear, but I have had my eye on a piece in my stash that would fit the bill. The fabric is a sheer, border, knit sequined fabric. I bought it several years ago and it has been aging well in my stash. Somethings I had to consider before I committed this fabric to a project is, I only had about 1 yard of it, I had to treat it like a border print, and it needed to be lined. Here is a close up of the sequined border (I got my nails done to match).

So this is the bottom of the fabric and there are fewer sequins as you go up the fabric.  I decided to make a one seam skirt, with the seam going up the back, with an elastic waist.  I lined it with black tricot.  I took two measurements, my hip and the length I wanted it.  From there I cut out a rectangle of the fabric and lining.  I sewed the one seam up on both the skirt and the lining and then attached the two at the waist.  I was a little stumped as how to make a nice clean attachment of the elastic at the waist, but I woke up in the middle of the night with the solution (raise your hand if you have ever done that before).  I used the technique that I used here.  Since my fabric was so light, I decided to use lingerie elastic.  The only problem was that I only had white elastic which would show through the fashion fabric.  I didn’t want to run to the store, because the store is at least 30 miles away, and well I just figured I could make do with what I had on hand.  So I decided to dye the elastic the darkest color I could.  I had some teal Jacquard Acid Dye that I had in my lingerie supply bag and it worked great.  It turned my white 3/8″ elastic into dark elastic.

So the skinny (don’t I wish) on the waist treatment is this: 1) sew your elastic ends together to make a circle.  I like to lap the two ends together and sew with a zig-zag stitch the width of the elastic. 2) Sew the lining and the fashion fabric right sides together at the waist, 3) Divide the elastic into fourths and mark. 4) Do the same thing for the skirt waist. 5) Now stitch one edge of the elastic to the inside of the lining at the top of the waist.  Basically, you open the skirt up so you are looking at the wrong side of both the lining and the fashion fabric.  It will look like an open tube with the stitched waist in the middle.  Match up your corresponding waist and elastic markings and attach the elastic right next to the waist seam on the lining side, 6) Once the elastic is stitched, turn the lining to the inside of the skirt, folding it over the elastic.  You have just made an elastic sandwich. 7) Now on the outside of the skirt stitch just below the elastic to make a faux casing (you will stitch through both the fashion fabric and the lining, but NOT the elastic). This is what it looks like when it is all done.

Notice the two lines of stitching on the inside, but just one line of stitching on the outside.  The technique worked like a charm.  Here is a closer look.

Since it was a sheer knit, I decided not to hem neither the skirt or the lining, Yay!

As you can see, I have just a tiny bit of fabric leftover.  I think it will find its way into a top of some sort.

Here we are at dinner.  Can you tell who is 50 this year?  One of us in the picture is closer to 45 than 50, but we are not telling :).

After looking at this picture, I think I should have made my skirt shorter….darn it.  Oh, Rock of Ages was a hoot.  We sang along to all the songs and had a grand old time time!



9 thoughts on “The Rock of Ages Skirt

  1. What a fabulous skirt – so quick, easy and lovely!! You and your buddies look great (I get to join the club next year!) I love your friend’s red/orange poncho – very delicate!

    1. I actualy turn 50 in June, so not in the club yet, but in my head I am already telling myself I am 50. Trying to ease into it;)

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