I love leftovers

I have a magnet on my fridge that says “Leftovers: bits of food that are kept in the refrigerator until they are old enough to be thrown away!” Thankfully, this doesn’t apply to fabric. Today was a sewing day, and I really wanted to finish up a skirt that has been cut out for a few weeks now, but the leftover fabric from my Rock of Ages Skirt was still on the cutting table….I picked it up and started to put it in my good intentions box, but it rebelled and said, “hey lady, your machine is still set up to sew me….just cut out a tank already and sew me up.” Really, it did. So that is what I did. I pulled out a pile of patterns and decided on this one. Vogue 8536, view C, the sleeveless one.

I had just enough fabric to eek out a size 14.

I had made view E and D a few years ago, and I remember that I wasn’t real crazy about the 2 3/4″ hem. Due to the sheerness of this fabric, and since I didn’t hem the skirt, I didn’t want to hem the top. So I just folded up the hem allowance and cut it out that way.

I trimmed all seam allowances very close to the stitching, and I didn’t line it. I know, living on the edge, that’s me.

Here is the top and skirt together. Now I need one of those body shaper things to wear under it.

Just a handful of this very fun fabric is left.  Yay!  I will cut off the sequins before I put it in the scrap saving bag for cat beds…don’t ask.

Now I think I need to make a cape in silk organza to finish the whole thing off. What do you think? Stay tuned.

One last thing. Today about 30 quail walked across the back patio. I caught these two cuties through my dining room window.


11 thoughts on “I love leftovers

    1. Haha! A couple of ASG members are making cat beds for the local shelter. They have asked us to save all of our scraps for bed stuffing. I am surprised at how fast my bag fills up with trimmings and such.

  1. Love that little tank! Makes the outfit sparkle. I’m thinking you need a handknit scarf / shawl (rectangular) in the color of the sparkles to pull it all together. g

    1. That would be pretty. I dug through my stash today, and I don’t have enough silk organza to make what I had in mind….a pretty black lace would look nice too I think.

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