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Clearing off the cutting table

That’s what I have been doing, clearing off my cutting table to make way for the jacket project, and I found my second Vogue 8873 all cut out and neatly folded in a pile waiting to be completed. See my first skirt here. The fabric for the second skirt is a knit that looks and feels like suede. I picked it up years ago, from I don’t remember where. I thought the lines and detail of this skirt would be perfect for this fabric. So, I put some college basketball on the radio and sat down at my machine and started sewing…..

Knowing that the fabric might induce skipped stitches, I ran a test strip through the machine…no problems, we are good to go.

As I started to assemble the skirt, I my stitches started to skip…so I changed the needle….still skipping (grrrr), so I rethreaded my machine. Still skiping (Grrrrr), so I tried a different needle, (GRRRRR). No matter what I did I still had skipped stitches. Then I remembered this baby.

If you dont’ have some of this stuff, get some now.  No more skipped stitches!  I continued sewing along, listening to the basketball game and thinking to myself,  I am going to have this skirt done before the game is over, Yay!  Not yay. The very last think to do on this skirt is to attach the yoke and skirt together.  Which I did, smiling to myself, I’m done.  I turned the skirt right side out and tried it on….WWHHAATT????  I mistakenly attached the yoke facing to the skirt and the nap was going in the wrong direction.  Ugh, first I thought about leaving it that way and telling everyone that I did it on purpose because you can do whatever you want to when you sew right? But I couldn’t.  Out came the seam ripper…and by the time I got it taken apart, the game and the post game show were over.  Teach me to be smug.

I finished it up the next morning and wore it to church, I won’t be entering this in the fair, but at least I was able to save it.  Oh and if you are looking for a nice elastic to use in pull on skirts, I used this swim suit elastic and it worked great and is comfy to wear.  It is 3/4″ , with a picot edge, and plush on one side.

I am really happy with how the skirt turned out (sans yoke problems).

So is Kate.  She was not to happy that Sam appeared in my last post and not her though.

I wore it to church on Sunday and then out to a local winery for a Valentines Day Bazaar.  Where we made coasters out of wine labels.  The cute couple in the photo is my niece and her husband.  My valentine is behind the camera.

Next up, 4 more piece work shirts, a scarf for me, and the jacket (always subject to change of course).



5 thoughts on “Clearing off the cutting table

  1. Today I just started my first skirt with a zipper. First zipper ever! I did a muslin but was too small by a pinch. Made another,with adjustments and fits great! Starting the real skirt,tomorrow. Wish me luck. I want to finish it before Saturday…with lining 🙂 enjoyed reading about your mishaps…glad to see I’m not the only one.

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