What I’ve been up to

I made this scraf.

This was the February project for my ASG neighborhood group.  You might have seen the pattern in Threads a few months ago.    It takes 2 yards of fabric.  I scrounged around in my stash and found this fabric.  Honestly, it has been in my stash for probably 10 years.  I bought it at Fabricland in Mount Vernon, WA.  Do we still have Fabriclands in this country?

The scarf is made up of 6 spiral pieces finished with a rolled hem.

Three spirals go on each side of a 4″ x 2 yd piece of fabric.  This fabric was like sewing water.  It could teach someone how to swear, so I decided to hand baste  the spirals to the rectangle.

After I hand basted the spiral pieces, I decided to make a change in the pattern.  The instructions tell you to sandwich the spiral pieces between two 4″ x 2 yd. rectangles.  I decided to just use my  serger and attach the spirals using a rolled hem to just one long rectangle.  I really like how it turned out.  The finished scarf is nice and light, and it was made completely with the serger.

I’ve also been making  zippered bags.  They are a Lazy Girl pattern, and so easy.  This will be perfect for taking things back and forth to my ASG meetings.

I had fabric left over so I made three more.

They need a home.  If you want one, let me know in a comment below.  First 3 people to speak up, get one.  Happy Daylight Savings!


17 thoughts on “What I’ve been up to

  1. Wow, I’m the first comment. Yay!!! By the way, I love seeing your projects. I actually cleaned off my sewing desk in the guest room when you started this blog. Unfortunately, that’s as far as I’ve gotten. But it’s a start!

  2. Cool scarf & cool zip bags too! Can I “claim” one 🙂 Looks like a perfect place to store the scissors n’ stuff!

  3. Your scarf turned out lovely. Adore the mods you made. I’d love to have one of those fun zippered pouches. g

  4. Very nice Teri, FabricLand that’s funny. They tried to recruit me in the late 80’s for a new store opening in Yakima, just couldn’t leave Bend, :)..

  5. i love the spiral scarf! Could you give us some more detail about how the spirals look? I would love to recreate one for myself!

    1. Roberta, it really isn’t too difficult, but I like just serging the whole thing rather than how they do it in the magazine.

    1. Jane, some of the ladies in ASG found that using something like Solvy helped with the rolled hems. My fabric behaved, so I didn’t have to use any.

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