Easter Dress

Easter is a week and a half away and I have decided I need a new dress.  This friend is progress, as I usually think that a new Easter dress would be nice the night before Easter.   Even more, I have the muslin done.  More progress!  New Look 6934 gets the honor this year.  I think I bought it two years ago with an Easter dress in mind. Better late than never.
Here is my muslin I did this morning.  I use to H A T E making muslins (yes, I was shouting).  But now, I really enjoy it.  I really like working through the pattern without the stress of cutting into my fashion fabric.  I am always on the look out for old sheets.  I really like using old sheets for muslin.  There is absolutely no stress in cutting up old sheets.

Anyway, back to the muslin.  I cut a size 14 and it fits pretty good just as it is.  The back neck needs a tuck because it gaps a bit and I will add 1″ side seams to the fashion fabric to add wiggle room if I need it.  Here is the fabric I am going to use.  It is a stretch cotton border print from Vogue Fabrics.  I bought it last year for an Easter dress, you know the one I thought about making the night before Easter, yes that one.

The bodice will be solid black and the skirt will be the floral print.  What do you think?  I think I want to cut it out right now, but I need to wait ’til Doug gets home so he can help me with the back neck issue.  So hard to fit back issues by yourself. As for the pattern, it is drafted very nicely and very straightforward.  Not sure if I will make the jacket to go with this dress.  If I have time, I probably will make the short one.

On my last post Jsews asked for a bit more information on the scarf pattern.  Here is what the spiral looks like.

You make the pattern by folding a piece of paper in quarters.  The corner where the folds meet is the center of your circle.  From the corner draw a 8 1/4″ line for the outer circumference arc of the flounce.  Draw a smaller quarter circle 3 3/4″ from corner.  this is your inner circumference.  Does that make sense?

Happy sewing everyone.  Anyone making Easter dresses?


6 thoughts on “Easter Dress

  1. That dress is going to be lovely. I wish my hubby could be taught to help with fitting issues. I can’t wait to see your finished dress. Good job on starting early. g

    1. When Doug and I got married (it will be 31 years in a week and a half) we made a deal. He would learn how to sew and I would learn how to shoot. Best deal ever. He makes his dust covers for his wood shop, gun cases, things for hunting and stuff like that. He is also pretty handy when it comes to patterns, as he is an engineer and thinks much different than me. Thanks for the comment G.

  2. Thank you for the scarf instructions! Can’t wait to try it out. And I think you are going to have a very pretty Easter dress this year, and beautifully fitted as well. I need to start enlisting my husband in that process, it just might work. . .

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