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Craftsy Travel Tray

You know when you travel, and you are getting ready for bed, and your taking off your watch, your rings, and maybe looking for someplace to put your chap stick but there is nothing available to contain them by the bedside?  I hate that.  Enter this little travel tray.

Isn’t it cute.  It’s a free pattern  you can download at Craftsy by Angela Padilla.

We are making these tonight at our local American Sewing Guild meeting, and I am the “teacher.”  I thought I might want to get one made up before said meeting.  This is super easy to make and is a great way to use up leftovers.  I think I will make one for every suitcase we own, and put one or two in the camper as well.  Look it lays flat until you need it.

And then presto chango it’s a tray.

Isn’t that great?

A couple things I found while stitching this up.

  • It takes just under an hour to make
  • I sprayed my fabric pieces with sizing before I stitched them together.
  • It doesn’t matter if your thread doesn’t match (the more funky the better right?)
  • If you have a walking foot, which I don’t, use it when you stitch the lines in the bottom of the tray.  I think you will be happier.
  • You can use snaps or Velcro.  I went with Velcro.  Don’t want to be trying to snap a tiny little snap at night, when I really just want to go to bed.  Velcro is fast and easy.

I think that is about it.  Quick easy project for your Friday.   Go make one, or five.


14 thoughts on “Craftsy Travel Tray

  1. Cute tray! I was reading back a ways in your blog – how did the triathlon go? I did a sprint a few years back and it was really fun.

    1. Leigh, the triathlon was awesome. I did the sprint and plan to do it again this year. What a wonderful feeling of accomplishment and I placed 3rd in my age group to boot! Thanks for stopping by. Any tri’s in your future?

      1. Great job! You got ‘hardware’!! I like duathlons more now. I’m not much of a swimmer. Duathlons are Run / Bike / Run. I did an Olympic distance (5K/25 miles/5K) and won my age group. We won’t say how many people were in my age group. LOL I went and gained a bit of weight since then, but am working on losing it and running an 8K in April. So easy to eat, but so long on the treadmill.

  2. Way to go Leigh! I hear you on the eating is easy part. My husband challenged me last night to a 50 mile bike ride that goes up to the top of a mountain pass…..not sure yet on that one.

  3. I love that little tray! I just saw it on another blog and she had made them up as gifts for travelling wedding guests. Might have to make some for the daughter’s wedding. g

    1. Thanks coco. I think gifting them is a great idea! Some gals at my ASG meeting just stitched the corners together. They looked really cute that way too.

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