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Vogue 8793

I have a really cool piece of knit silk jersey I bought on-line from Mood, that I am dying to make this up in.  But, since I love the fabric so much I figured I had better do a trial run on the pattern with fabric I don’t care so much about.

This pattern is fun to sew up.  I cut a medium and my fabric is that clingy single knit that sticks to everything and is kind of see through in light colors.  I picked it up a few years ago at JoAnn’s.  I made a top out of it then and hated it.  The style was too tight for the fabric and it clung to every bump and roll on my upper body.  Not a good look.  I was willing to sacrifice the rest of the yardage to this sample.  Guess what, I like the top and have already worn it twice.  This pattern is awesome.  Not too tight, just enough shape to be flattering and a fun neckline/collar.

The pattern calls for three fabrics, I used two.  Here is a side view, so that you can see the back.

As you can see, I only used one collar piece.  That was because I didn’t have enough of the dark brown fabric.  I also did not do the fun trim treatment with zipper teeth.  I didn’t have anything in my stash that would work.

Here are a few notes I made while stitching this up:

  • Stay stitch neckline first (pattern sheet has you do it after you have stitched the shoulder seems together.
  • Edge stitch the seams.  I just like that on all my knits, seems to give it a nicer RTW look.
  •  Use a serger for the seams.  For this top I did the two rows of stitching and then trim technique described in the pattern sheets, but next time I will just serge the edges.  Faster and cleaner.
  • The sleeves are too narrow for me.  Just a bit too snug.  I should have known that, as I have that problem with most Vogue patterns.  Must add some width next time.

I can see this as being a pattern I use time and time again.  You can change it up with the collar, you can not put the collar on and bind the neckline.  You can make it all one color, or change it up like the pattern photo.  It is a nice, not too tight, top.  I wonder how many I could have in my closet?  If you have any questions, let me know.  Have a great weekend!


12 thoughts on “Vogue 8793

  1. Hi Teri, I have been following your blog because I believe, you signed up for the RTW fast with Good Bye Valentino.

    This pattern is featured in the Crafty class I am taking, which is taught Katherine and Marcy Tilton. A great class BTW. They are not using any of the collar treatments nor the cuff because the class is about tee shirt construction. I love the collar treatment you used. I am excited to get started sewing the variations. I too thought there will be a number of these tees in my closet.

    Thank you for your thoughts and review, Karen Orsua


    1. Hi Karen, Yes I am a RTW faster. This is my second time. The first time there was just a handful of us, and now look at the size of the group! So cool. Your class sounds awesome. I look forward to seeing what you create! Thanks for stopping by.

    1. Thanks Sandra. I just finished another one up today using this tutorial with a completely different collar. Hope to post it tomorrow. Thanks for stopping by!

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