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Somebody Stop Me

I made another Vogue 8793.  Just in time for the end of Jungle January hosted by Pretty Grievances.

This time I used some cool cheeta poly/lycra and brown slinky from my stash.  It was kinda like a stash safari.  I used the brown slinky for the back.

And as you can see, I had fun with the cuffs.  I apologize in advance for the out of focus photo.

I did make the sleeves a bit wider this time, and I like the results.  Instead of a collar or collars, I just cut a 2 inch piece of the brown slinky, stitched the ends together, folded it in half and stitched it to the neck edge.

Overall, I am still a little ambivalent about this top.  The bottom of the top is wide, and I am use to wearing my knit tops tighter around my hips, however, I do like how it skims over the figure faults.  I think the next one I make though, I will decrease the ease in the hip area to give it a more sliming silhouette. I did add 1/2 inch to the sleeve width, and they fit a lot better now.  This top is such an easy make, I am sure I have a few more to make up.  I really should do one with the collar treatment  that the pattern calls for.  As always, thanks for stopping by.




13 thoughts on “Somebody Stop Me

  1. Haven’t had time to sit and follow all the blogs I have chosen to follow but loved waking up this morning and seeing the things that people have created, yours included. I think I’ll have to find some time to get back into sewing again! 🙂

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