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This Might be a Personal Record

I like to stash my fabric.  I like to buy it, wash it, fold it, and stash it.  Last week I went to the fabric store and bought 4 pieces of fabric.  I have made up two of those pieces.  That’s what happens when we have snow days.

The really  nice sweater knit got made up into the cardigan of McCall’s 5890.

This is a 10, 20 minutes to sew pattern by Nancy Zieman.

Here is the back.

This was a quick sew.  I cut it out late this morning, and had it done by late afternoon.  I cut out a size 14 and didn’t make any changes.  I only have a couple things to point out.  1) The sleeves are 3/4 length, but on the pattern envelope they look like they are full length. 2)The wrong side shows, so you had better like the wrong side of you fabric.

Here is the back of neck/collar.  as you can see, that is the wrong side of my fabric and the edge finish.

You might recognize the top under the cardigan.  It is another Vogue 8793.  I made this one up in a lovely bamboo knit.

You can see that I completed the collar as per the pattern, however I left off the cuffs.  I also shaved off about 1/2″ from the waist to the hip, and I like how it slimed down the silhouette.  The collar is interesting with the use of zipper teeth for trim.

The technique isn’t difficult, but it did make my collar behave badly.  It took me a couple times to get it right.  As you can imagine the double collar and the zippers make the collar heavy.  I initially serged the collar to the neck, but ended up cutting off the serging and grading the seam so that it would lay better.

I am happy with how both of these pieces turned out.  I have a piece of black Ponte that I bought last week as well, and plan to make a pair of knit pants to complete the outfit.

We have been having some weather here in Idaho.  Winter seems to have set in.  You will be able to find me in my sewing room until spring.  Thanks for stopping by.



16 thoughts on “This Might be a Personal Record

  1. Well if this is what it produces “Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow”…”! I love you new jacket – it would sit very nicely in my wardrobe.

  2. I really like the zipper neckline – do you think it might behave better with a heavier weight fabric? That’s what I love about winter is that there is no better place to be that a warm and cozy sewing room – enjoy for now.

    1. A beefier fabric might help, but when you attach the collar to the neckline you have 5 layers of fabric, plus in the front you have the overlaps.  That might cause trouble with a thicker/heavier fabric.  Thanks for visiting!  

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