Jalie 2216, a Cycling Jersey

My husband and I have taken up cycling in the past few years, and just like everything else, outfitting yourself in the appropriate gear is expensive.  Especially bike jerseys.  I have been collecting tech fabric for awhile now.  It is hard to find the same type fabric the manufactures us, so it has been much like a treasure hunt.  Finding patterns is hard as well.  I borrowed Jalie 2216  from a friend of mine to try it out.  It is out of print now but still available by download.  This was my first Jalie pattern to sew up.

My idea was to make this jersey for my husband’s birthday last April.  I had some black Nike Dri Fit that I had ordered from a fabric co-op and a remnant of wicking fabric I picked up at Outdoor Fabrics.  A couple weeks before his birthday, I started the project thinking that I would have it wrapped up and in a box in plenty of time.  The tracing, cutting and sewing moved along quite nicely.  I did find myself reading the directions several times before completing a step, but I was feeling pretty happy with how the jersey was starting to take shape.  Then it was time to put in the front zipper……I was struggling with the instructions, and getting a little frustrated when I snagged the fabric at center front and it ran.  Akkkk!  To make matters worse, I also messed up the zipper insertion by cutting too far into the corner.  I had a mess, and I wanted to wad it up and throw it into the corner.  Which I did figuratively, and gave my husband an IOU for his birthday.  So now I had this mess I needed to fix.  Every time I went in my sewing room it mocked me.  I would show it, I stopped going in my sewing room.  Well that brought all sewing to a halt.  Finally I picked the project back up.  To assess the damage I basted the side seams, and had my husband try it on. Lo and behold the snag line really didn’t show while he was wearing it.  Well okay, I can live with that, but I still had a mangled zipper insertion.  I needed an applique of sorts to cover it.  So Doug drew me a tab that I could applique over the oops.  Perfect!

The back of the jersey has pockets to put snacks and water bottles in. 

I used this gripper elastic around the bottom hem I bought from Fabricline.com.  Check them out!  Fast shipping and good prices.

Here is a side view.

Doug reports that the jersey is very comfortable to wear. The first time he wore it he achieved a personal record on a hill climb.  I told him that it was due to the aerodynamic design of his new jersey.  I am so happy to have this project done and no longer mocking me in the sewing room.  Do you have a project like this?  Like the Nike tag line says, just do it.




7 thoughts on “Jalie 2216, a Cycling Jersey

  1. Fabric.com often carries CoolMax, which seems identical to my husband’s REI tee shirts. Not super stretchy, but good for workouts that need breathable fabric–and pajamas!

  2. You did well! The patch looks pretty good. I have attempted this pattern and had no real success in getting a good finish. I am a beginner though so that means not much! I recall being very frustrated at the instructions for the zipper cuts. I can read and follow logical instructions but I’d say Jalie missed the boat there. I look for technical fabrics too, I’ve investigated Merino and am looking at merino Tencel options because whilst merino is great for wicking and keeping cool, Tencel retains 40%less heat than merino.(icebreaker introduced this recently to their clothing line, called in-cool?) Tencel is made from wood pulp, I like the natural aspects of these fabrics, synthetics are so hot! In saying that though, there are merino’s with a bonded layer of nylon on the outside..unique stuff!

    1. Yes Mel, the zipper instructions got the best of me. I had to punt. I didn’t know that about Tencel. I have a top made with that in cool fabric. You can really feel it on hot days. Thanks for stopping by and happy sewing!

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