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McCall’s 6963

The fall has been so busy.  My days seemed to be filled with all things not sewing.  Mostly I have been canning, cleaning up the garden, canning, working, canning, and working some more.  I also became a great aunt again on October 11th.  His name is Christian David and we are all in love.  I took his newborn photos last Friday.  Isn’t he precious?

Well anyway, back to sewing.  A couple years ago, I found some cowl knit tops at Khol’s that fit me well and looked nice.  I bought one in every color and wore the heck out of them.  They were made out of thin cheap cotton, but I loved them because I could wear them with lots of different things and they were comfortable.  I have been looking for a pattern that resembled these tops, and when I saw McCalls 6963 I thought it might just be the ticket.

The fabric is from my local fabric store Cloth.  I fell in love with the grungy colorful feel of the fabric.  It is a very nice cotton/rayon knit ( I think).  I was so smitten with it, I forgot to write down the fabric content before I left the store.

I usually make up a size 14, but the description of the top is a “close fitting, pullover top” so I decided to go up a size. This fabric was a good reminder to really look at the fabric before you cut into it. The print is directional as well as a stripe.  Years ago, I probably would have cut the sleeves with the words upside down and not notice it until I attached them to the top.  Yes, I speak from experience.

This is a very quick sew.  Since it is a Palmer/Pletsch pattern, it has lots of fitting and construction tips.

I am really happy how it turned out.  Well, except for one thing.  As I was trimming the armscye seam I accidently clipped into the sleeve.  ACK!  It was a stupid thing to do, and I even was having that conversation in my head, “slow down, your going to cut something you don’t want cut,” and about that time, snip. ACK, ACK!  Thankfully it was the back of the sleeve.  I pondered over the mishap for a few minutes, and then reached for my fusible straight tape.

Two pieces of the stay tape and a black sharpie….almost as good as new.

You will never see it on a galloping horse.

I have another piece of fabric on the cutting table ready to go.  I think I will cut out the same si, but taper it back down to a 14 at the hips. I can tell already that  I am going to get a lot of use out of this pattern.

I took these photos last Sunday.  Today the same spot is covered in 7 inches of snow. I am so not ready for winter.


10 thoughts on “McCall’s 6963

  1. 7 degrees! Brrrrr! The good news is cold weather makes for a great excuse to spend extra time at the sewing machine! And more great me-mades like this colourful tee will surely chase away the dark days of winter!

    You’re right…no one need never know about that snip…thank goodness for prints, ’cause you really cannot see the incident. I’ve done it too by the way.

    And what a cutie Christian is! You are a really good photographer!

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