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What am I going to wear for Thanksgiving?

I love Thanksgiving.  I love all the planning, cooking, eating, and pie.  Lots of pie.  Like one pie per person.  Oh how I love pie….annnyyyywaaaaay, back to Thanksgiving.  We are hosting the dinner this year, so preparation is under way.  I’ve been planning, shopping, cooking, cleaning and sewing. I decided to make another McCalls 6963 out of some silk jersey that has been aging in my stash for a little over a year now.  Hasn’t it aged well?  Isn’t it perfect for Thanksgiving?

I am really happy with how this top turned out.   This top is all about the print.  Oh, and it is silk, did I mention that?  It is heaven to wear.  So comfortable next to my skin.  Have any of you ever made something out of silk jersey?  Do it, you won’t regret it!  This fabric was a fabric of the day (sometime last year)  from Mood Fabrics at 50% off.  I quickly ordered two yards.  It is still available on the Mood website.  You can find it HERE.  Sorry it’s full price right now, but watch those sales.  I tell you, next time their silk jersey goes on sale I am all in. Here’s to a busy week ahead.  I hope you all find time to get into your sewing room.


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