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“Life is Good” Perfect Pouch

Today was our annual ASG Chapter Holiday party.  It is always so much fun.  A room full of like minded women when it comes to sewing.  We all LOVE to sew.  We always try to have a challenge for the year.  This year’s challenge was to repurpose something old into something new.  The ladies in our group came up with some great stuff and it was really fun to see them all.

I decided to use our old Life is Good t-shirts.  We love Life is Good shirts in this house.  We have several, and we wear them a lot.  A lot.  When they finally get ratty enough they go in my scrap bag.  I just can’t bear to part with them, and I figured if I kept them long enough I would do something fun with them.

While on a trip to Death Valley National Park this fall, I saw some really cute coin purses, made out of old Death Valley t-shirts.  I was like, hey, I could do that. So I did.

I used Lazy Girl Designs Perfect Pouches Pattern.

I had an old light blue shirt and an old dark blue Life is Good shirt in my bag.  I cut my fronts, back and lining out of those two shirts, and then I fused fusi-knit interfacing to each piece to stabilize the knit fabric a bit.  I also took 2 tags off the light blue shirt to use in my pouch. I made the small pouch.

Here is the front.

The zipper is an old white metal one that I found in my zipper bag.  Yes, I have a gallon Ziploc bag full of random zippers.

Here’s the back.

The tag gives me a tab to hang on to.

Here’s a peek at the lining.

I just love how it turned out, and I plan to make more.  I think I will use this one in my work bag to store writing utensils.

Thanks for stopping buy.



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