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Trendy Sweatshirts

Since my daily wardrobe consists of jeans and knit tops, I started looking around the internet for some sweatshirt ideas.  I browsed the Neimen Marcus website, Dillard’s website and Nordstrom’s website, where I found this……

A Marni neoprene peplum sweatshirt….wait what?  Who thought this was a good idea?  Moving on, I found real inspiration from my sewing friends.  Mainly Justine’s review of McCall’s 6992.  I had this pattern in my stash, so I set about making me up a trendy sweatshirt.

I found the brown cotton French Terry, and the cool jersey print at my local fabric store, Cloth, in Boise.

Based on Justine’s recommendation, I went one size down and cut out a size 12.  I didn’t want a big baggy sweatshirt, like the unisex ones hanging in my closet.  I didn’t have any ribbing that matched or complemented, so I left it off of the sleeves.  If I do that next time, I need to remember to lengthen the sleeves.

It was my first time sewing darts in ragalan sleeves, and I really like how the dart helps shape the sleeve (please pardon the yellow lab hair).

Looking closely at this photo reminds me to tell you about the neckline.  I cut the neck band out of the terry on the crosswise grain, which didn’t have quite enough stretch.  I should have measured the neckline and then cut the band, rather than blindly following the pattern piece.  I should have made it just a tad bit longer.  As it was, I had to do lots of clipping to get it to fit the neckline, and know my neckband is wavy since I stretched it so much.

When I saw the cool jersey print, my first thought was to use it for the front and back and the terry for the sleeves.  Pauline, the owner of Cloth, talked me into using it as an overlay because the synthetic jersey would be cold, and since I live in Idaho, and it is winter, cold was not what I was going for.  Since the print has lots of visual texture, I decide to finish the bottom hem with black seams great.

I really like my finished sweatshirt.  Next time I am in the big city, I plan to stop by Cloth and  pick up some more French Terry.  It is very cozy to wear.  I also have some coming from Mood Fabrics, so look for more sweatshirts showing up here on this blog.


12 thoughts on “Trendy Sweatshirts

    1. Thanks Gail. It is a very cool print and I agree, less is more. I have enough left to make a top, I am thinking body would be print, sleeves a solid.

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