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The Lola Dress, AKA what I will wear all Christmas break…..

Last year, I started seeing several of the popular sewing bloggers post about the Lola Dress by Victory Patterns.  It is described as a comfortable slip on dress with raglan sleeves, ribbed hem bands, a front neckline “V” detail and oversized wrap around pockets.  The curved seams give a relaxed feminine fit.   The recommended fabrics are French terry knit, fleece knit, medium weight fabric with a slight stretch.

At first I thought, meh, but the more blog post I saw, the more the dress grew on me.  It is safe to say, I am not an early adopter (heck, I am still smarter than my phone).

As I began to warm to this pattern I saw this post by Lori.  Her dress looked so comfy and warm.  I headed right on over to Victory Pattern’s website and ordered the pattern. I went for the paper pattern, and I am glad I did.  There are lots of pieces to this little number.  I would have been pretty grouchy by the time I printed out the pdf pattern and taped it all together.

So here it is.  I used a piece of teal blue cobble cloth that has been in my stash for 10 years. Bam, that makes the dress nearly free!

I made a size 10, and even though I see a few fitting issues in the photos, I am still really happy with the results.

It is very comfy and easy to wear.  Since my fabric was somewhat heavy, I opted not to add the pockets.  I was afraid that it would make the overall look droopy.  I also did not add the “V” as the cobble cloth was a bit too ravely.

It is a pretty quick sew, even though there are lots of pieces and seams.  I made it in an afternoon, and it was very fun to sew.  The directions are easy to follow; however the technical drawings change the right side and wrong side shading a few times.  The written directions are correct though, so if you make it up, default to the written directions if you get confused by the illustration. I used my sewing machine for the seams and serged the seam allowances.   I will be making up at least one or two more. I wore it last night when friends came over to play pinochle, and then again today to finish up some Christmas shopping in town.  I think it would make a great cover-up for getting to the car from the pool or gym.  I am also thinking that it might work up nice in a running dress made out of tech fabric.   As it is, I will be wearing this a lot.  So comfortable and cozy. A nice change from sweat pants.


20 thoughts on “The Lola Dress, AKA what I will wear all Christmas break…..

      1. Working on it now. I noticed you topstitched the seams – I’m using a doubleknit, would you recommend it? (The drawings are reversed in the instructions – they show the right side as wrong side, so it looks like it should be top-stitched).

    1. Hi Suzanne, Yes, I edge stitched all my seams. I think that would look great on your double knit. I like to do that on most all of my knits, as I think it just gives it a better look. Can’t wait to see your dress!

  1. This is great! I am not sure what cobble cloth is, though. I have this pattern and plan to make it for my oldest daughter. Maybe I will reward myself with one for me once I hit my weight loss goal.

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